This is a personal project attached to my website



80% of the funds will go to good ends

Each buyer will have access to a private channel in Discord.

Leave your application there with the number of the purchased NFT.

Discord Access

The first 100 of my nft were released in two copies.

Why - there is an explanation, just be especially careful;)



So, SPRING 2022

At least 200 works will be uploaded


Collaborations with other projects, including those that I support at the open.

I hope they will be successful! )))

I will discuss collaborations with other artists.
At least 800 works for all time will be uploaded


Airdrop 100 nft, after reaching 1,000 loaded nft in the Nothing special collection.

Airdrop on a whitelist or open, will be decided later.
Online Gallery Exhibition in Metaverse


The project may be completed.

The frame of the paintings is closed gradually, the result is not yet predictable

I won't take everything for myself

10% - will be spent on charity. The symbol 100 tells you about this in the description
20% - will be spent on supporting young and talented nft artists here at the Opensea site. Like no other, I know how difficult it is to start a journey, I will look for diamonds and give the opportunity to create further, supporting creators. Every week I will start the search again. All reports and links will appear on this page
30% - will be spent on a secret project, it is ready by about 35%
You will learn about the project one of the first in the closed channel in Discord.

This is a unique nft collection with the history and elements of the game. Details very soon.
10% - will be spent on helping my friends from Ukraine and Belarus

10% - will be spent for my community (especially in Discord)
20% - I will keep for myself